Gibson ES-335 dot

The Gibson ES-335 is the queen of guitars. When you play one you feel like you have a piece of guitar-history in your hands. Larry Carlton, B.B. King, Robben Ford, Alvin Lee, Eric Johnson, just to name a few great guitar players who owe a lot to the 335.

The model i have is a ES-335 dot reissue with '57 classic humbuckers, with a wonderful Vintage Sunburst finish. When i first saw the flamed maple top i went ... WOOOW! It's such a beautiful piece of wood! Everything in this guitar is gorgeous. When you open the brown case you find a "hot pink velvet plush interior and matching satin overlay that looks more like it belongs inside a pimp's Cadillac than in a guitar case" (i took this from a Guitar World review because there's no better way to describe it!).

The fingerboard is very good! I use 0.10-0.46 gauge strings on this guitar. Maybe if you use it only for jazz you could try 0.11-0.52.

The mahogany neck is solid and thick. Perfect for such a guitar.

A few words about the stop tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic bridge that is stuck to the solid block of wood inside the body. This make these late 90s models different from the older vintage models which were a bit more "hollow". I had the luck to try a '74 model and found out that it sounded more "vintage", while my '97 model suits best when it comes to play more "modern" stuff.

About the pickups. You wanna play jazz? Neck pickup with the tone knob set to 3. Rhythm? Both PU with the neck PU volume knob set to 6. Rock'n'roll? Plain bridge PU. This is a one-thousand-tones guitar! Some people criticized the sound of the 335 for "lack of personality" but i believe that these people never touched the tone knob of their guitar or the equalization on their amplifier.