I would like to speak about the instruments that i use. I mainly play the electric guitar. At the moment i have three of them. Each have sound and playability characteristics that make it different from the others.

  • Ibanez JEM 7BSB. I mainly use it for modern/heavy rock.
  • Fender Telecaster (made in Mexico). This is the most "playable" guitar i have, despite the general opinion that the Telecaster is not an easy guitar. I like to play old rock, blues and ZZ top stuff with it.
  • Gibson ES-335. The queen of guitars. I use it for jazz and blues.

I also have a Guild acoustic, but i play it quite rarely.

About amplification and effects, after years playing Peavey, Marshall and Fender combos, i decided for a rack setup: Digitech tube pre-amplifier/multieffect unit, Carvin tube stereo power amplifier and Marshall double-speaker cabinet driven in stereo.