This swedish town means a lot to me. I had the opportunity to spend almost 6 months there for job reasons, and i was very fascinated. The architecture, life-style, behaviours, attractions of this town is much different from that of Roma, the city where i live.

I decided to prepare three different photo albums. Each of them covers one important aspect of my Goteborg experience.

  • Town. These are pictures i was taking from time to time during my wandering around. My goal was not to record the main touristic attractions or famous places (no "postcards", so to say!), but just getting spots of those things that captured my attention.
  • Snow. A couple of months before i left there was a lot of snow and the town turned completely white. That reminded me of my early 22 years when i used to live in L'Aquila, a mountain town in the middle of Italy, where there used to be a lot of snow in the wintertime. Some of the pictures depict Goteborg covered by snow, other are from a lake just outside town that got frozen and covered with snow, and people where skying on it.
  • Friends. This is the best part of my experience. I met so many nice people in Goteborg. They were swedish people and also a lot of people coming from abroad (like me): Greece, China, Poland, France, Italy, Iran, etc. There are many pictures from dinners and parties.