International Students Weeks

When I was a student i had a very special chance to join a few International Students Weeks. There is an international organization among european universities (mainly mining, geology, metallurgy and petroleum faculties) called IFMMS aimed at establishing a big connection for cultural exchanges. Most of the faculties involved in the IFMMS managed to organize their own International Students Week, some of them yearly, others every second year. The invitations were sent for 2 representatives from every other faculty, reaching a number between 15 and 30 international guests.

The big pity was that the faculty of Mining Engineering of "La Sapienza" University of Roma counted only a few tens of students, hence they could never manage to organize an ISW themselves. But fortunately and nicely some faculties sent invitations to Roma so, althought i was studying electronics engineering instead of mining, i managed to join 2 international weeks in Mons (february 1987 and march 1990), 2 in Ljubljana (march 1987 and march 1989), 1 in Bochum (may 1987) and 1 in Berlin (may 1988).

Each of them was fantastic! I never had more fun in my life! I believe that International Students Weeks are by far the best experience you can make during your student career. I can hardly imagine a better way to get in contact with many students coming from so many different countries. Beer, rivers of beer, funny songs, drinking games, plenty of interesting visits to coal mines, steel plants and industries, nice sightseeing.

As long as i can see from the IFMMS site, the ISW are still taking place. Good!

Here you have some assorted pictures from the international weeks i joined. It's such a big pity that i lost most of the contacts with the great people i met during my ISWs. If any of you met me in an ISW, don't hesitate to send me a message: just go back to the Home Page and leave a message on the TagBoard!